Why should I choose Electric Tans Salon?
Electric Tans Salon was established in 1997. We take pride in  
ensuring that you will enjoy a clean and relaxing salon. We will give
you unsurpassed service and you can trust in our knowledge of
tanning to give you the best results. We were voted in the TOP 250
Tanning Salons in the U.S.A. Come in and see Wendy and the girls to
get started on your tan today!
What do I bring?
Here at Electric Tans we supply all you need. We provide goggles,
hand towels, and each room is large enough to comfortably change
in privacy.
How long will it take me to get a dark tan?
It all depends on your skin type. When you start tanning with
Electric Tans we will do a skin type analyses on you and then will
be able to tell you approximately how long it might take for you to
see a tan.
How often should I tan?
You are allowed by law to tan only once every twenty-four (24)
hrs. We recommend that you tan once a day for the first week to
establish your base tan, then most people can tan just two to
three (2-3) times a week to maintain a nice tan.
Should I use tanning lotions?
We recommend that you use one of the many different lotions
that we offer. These lotions are specifically designed for tanning
bed use and will result in a better, darker, deeper, and longer
lasting tan!
Are tanning beds safe?
Yes!!When used as directed,tanning in a tanning salon can provide
the best and safest alternative to outdoor sun.
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